Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Mohamed ElSayed AbdelWahab ElShakafie

Dr. Mohamed AbdelWahab

General Information:

  1. Name           : Dr. Mohamed ElSayed AbdelWahab ElShakafie
  2. Ocupation    : Emeritus Professor of physics
  3. eMail            :
  4. Date of Birth :  20th of August, 1953                                              
  5. Organization :  Faculty of Science , Banha University

Education :

  1. B. Sc  , Physics , 1977 , Faculty of Science , Tanta University
  2. M. Sc , Fluid Mechanics , 1984  , Faculty of Science , ,Benha Branch, Zagazig University.
  3. Ph.D. ,Fluid Mechanics    , 1990 , Faculty of Science, Benha Branch, Zagazig University.


  1.   Demonstrator , Physics department , Faculty of Education , Benha Branch, Zagazig University  1978-1982.
  2. Demonstrator, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Benha Branch, Zagazig University  1982-1984.
  3. Assistant lecturer , Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Benha Branch, Zagazig University 1984-1990.
  4. Lecturer , Physics Department, Faculty of Science , Benha Branch, Zagazig  University 1990-2001.
  5. Lecturer, Science Departmen, Faculty of Teatchers at ArAr, Saudi Arabia, 1996-2006.
  6. Associate professor, Physics Department ,  Faculty of Science, Benha University 2001 up to date.


  1. Some of my researches were in computational Fluid Mechanics.
  2. Programming with Basic, Fortran, Visual Basic, C++ ,  Matlab, SQL, MySQL, HTML, and PHP.
  3. Web designer and developer.
  4. Database administrator and designer(Access, Oracle, MySQL and  SQL).
  5. Great experiences in computers hardware.
  6. IT Coordinator of Faculty of Science at Benha .
  7. Experience in DOS, Windows with all versions, Word processing, Adobe Photoshop, Power Point, Excel,  eContent ,  Dreamweaver  and Java.


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